Caring for your jewel

All jewellery is designed by Joana Simões and produced through manual processes.

Your jewellery deserves to be cherished! As such, store it carefully away from dust, humidity, or intense sun exposure.

Taking the necessary care, your jewellery, regardless its finish, will keep its beauty for a long time.
All jewellery should be packed in individual bags to prevent oxidation.
The oxidation of silver is only a superficial layer of the jewellery that makes it dark and opaque, but without affecting its quality.
Oxidation is not a manufacturing defect, but a natural process that can be urged through certain actions or circumstances such as humidity, chlorine, sulfur, perfumes, detergents, or the pH of the skin.
To remove oxidation and retain its initial color, we advise your jewellery to be cleaned with a cloth or brush with soft bristles, toothpaste and warm water; in the end dry well.
Do not use abrasive cleaning products for jewellery.

To ensure the durability of your jewellery:

   •  Avoid contact with substances such as chlorine, sulfur, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics and suntan lotions.
   •  Avoid contact with water (bathing with jewellery, using it in sea water and swimming pool).
   •  Avoid contact with abrasive products and materials (such as a sponge dishwasher).
   •  Whenever possible, thoroughly dry your jewellery after it comes in contact with water.

Your jewel will thank you for such treats!